Venue Hire

East Coast Museum of Technology is a Diamond in disguise located in Gisborne with hidden location spots for your upcoming wedding photos, film or photography to feature many rare and unique treasures in the background with beautiful lighting.

We regularly receive requests for filming and photography for commercial, private, and historical purposes. These are accommodated where operationally possible.

Generally, photographs taken for personal use do not require permission from ECMOT, and visitors are welcome to use hand-held cameras with flash as well as video recording equipment for private purposes. Selfie sticks are permitted.

If the video or photographs are going to be uploaded onto a website, blog or similar, then permission from East Coast Museum of Technology must be sought. If you are unsure whether you need permission, please get in touch and we will assist you.

The East Coast Museum of Technology offers a nostalgic feel for your photos and a backdrop like no other with a glimpse of industrial historical elegance for a timeless collection. To book your wedding photos please contact us prior to your special day.

Our team is always happy to hear from commercial and media representatives who would like to arrange a shoot relating to East Coast Museum of Technology and its events and programmes. Commercial filming at the Museum requires a greater level of organisation and will therefore incur a charge.

Our volunteers  can assist you with your query and in the first instance please ensure you provide proposed dates/times and any specific requirements in the Filming Application form when submitted. Our team will get in touch to progress your request further.

To request consent for a proposed shoot, please submit the Filming Application below at least 30 working days before your proposed shoot. By requesting consent, you agree to our duty of care and terms and conditions and agree to pay any associated fees as set by East Coast Museum of Technology.

Once the filming or photography request has been approved, an invoice will be sent for the relevant cost. This invoice must be paid before the shoot.

Any filming and photography for commercial purposes must be arranged in advance and we reserve the right to stop any commercial filming and photography that has not been appropriately authorised.

Please note that as East Coast Museum of Technology is open for the public’s enjoyment for most of the year and holds and hosts many events and programmes, we regret we cannot accommodate all requests.