East Coast Museum of Technology


The museum collection provides a great environment to enrich all aspects of the curriculum and provide further opportunities for learning, personal growth and social development. It is has been enjoyed by students of all ages from preschool to tertiary. In line with EOTC programme recommendations, ECMoT can provide:

  • The environment and suitable facilities and activities
  • Skills and experience of resource personnel
  • Safety for children
  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Activities appropriate to both boys and girls

There are many links to the curriculum:

  • Key Competencies – as a focus for learning and in enabling learning
  • Learning Areas – especially Science, Technology, Social Sciences and English
  • Assessments – provides contexts for internal assessment for NCEA

As well as school groups, the museum also offers after-hours visits for youth groups and clubs. Please contact the museum to arrange a time and theme suitable for your needs.