East Coast Museum of Technology

East Coast Museum of Technology is a owned and operated by a non-profit volunteer organisation.

East Coast Museum of Technology  is an all weather activity and has a varied collection of items that will suit a range of interests. There is always something new to discover.

We display and demonstrate historic artifacts from the Gisborne District, showcasing technology and its development relevant to Gisborne and the surrounding area.

Not only is the museum a place to preserve and display our history, it is also an educational facility used by groups from all sectors from early childhood through primary and secondary to tertiary organisations.

Live Days

'Live days' are when we get the machines working, have a go on the fire hose, thresh some grain, play Pong, or take a ride in an army vehicle.


We are always in need of volunteers! If you have a little or a lot of time to donate to us or a specific project that you are interested in helping with please contact us.