East Coast Museum of Technology

Our collections

The museum's collections span the history of the Gisborne area and have something for everyone.

Fire engines

Fire Appliances and emergency vehicles

Our selection of fire appliances contains most of the vehicles that were purchased by the former Gisborne Fire Board up until 1976 when the New Zealand Fire Commission took over running all fire services, and includes several appliances that served on the East Coast during the same period. Our collection is considered one of the best examples of “locally owned or operated” vehicles in the country.



Our military collection contains examples of vehicles that were used during the Second World War as well as a restored Bren Carrier and other military items including a rare Guy Ant, few of which remain in the country today.



Our Rail collection contains many examples of both Gisborne and New Zeland railway heritage, memorabilia and takes you back to the golden age of rail. To name a few items, we have the Matawhero Railway Station, (Which currently houses our Model Rail Section and Private Railway Collection.) and behind the station you can see the last remnants of the Gisborne to Moutohora branch line.



Our agricultural collection includes seven tractors which were purchased from one farm – when each tractor had done its dash it was replaced with a newer one, but the old ones were retained on the property. A large collection of various farm implements can also be found on site.


Domestic Bliss

Our recently revamped display area in our main building shows the evolution of New Zealand households over the last century.


IT Central

Our IT room contains a vast collection of IT history.

And lots, lots more

We also have examples of early home technology, horse-drawn vehicles and paraphernalia, stationary engines and much more. Be prepared to spend an hour or two taking in our eclectic collection of yesteryear.

With a varied collection of items that will suit a range of interests and family pricing it is a great place to spend a day or a few hours